Monday, 16 April 2012

Preservation of Vouchers for the Accounting year 2008-09

All the DDO's falling under the jurisdiction of  Bhandara Treasury are hereby
informed  that  the voucher for Accounting year  2008-09  will  become due for
 destruction  aftre April  1'st , 2012 . It is  therefore essential that all vouchers
required  to  be  preserved  in  connection   with misappropration of funds for
 future reference should be segregated out before destructioin of all remaining
 vouchers.May I request you all  to furnish details of such voucher in terms of
1>Major head
3>Voucher number and date
5>Purpose of preservation
As this information is to be collected and forwarded to A.G.(A&E)-II ,Nagpur.
Provide   this  infromation URGENTLY  so  that    necessary   action   in   this
regards will be possble for the concerned higher authorities.

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